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Calvin's Local Zoo contains quite a few different animals. Calvin and his family went there once, and he got lost. He was seperated by following a lady around who looked like his mom. Calvin learns his mistake after he asks "Hey mom, can I get some peanuts to feed the animals?", to which the lady replies "I'm not your mom". After his parents discover Hobbes(in stuffed animal form, of course) alone, they begin to worry. After wondering where Calvin is, considers Calvin at the Tiger Pit. Then he says that maybe Calvin was in the Tiger Pit. Calvin is then seen asking the tigers if they had seen Hobbes. Calvin is then reunited with his family, and they leave, he criticizes Hobbes about Tiger's lack of knowladge

Calvin's Mom also considered taking Calvin and Hobbes there another time, but Calvin said no to it after Hobbes compared it to a prison.
Zoo edited

Calvin and Hobbes sit on a bench at the Zoo.

Prision Zoo


  • Monkey cage
  • Alligator pit
  • Tiger pit
  • Animals feeding zone*
  • Bird cage
  • Elaphant Habitat*

* donates that one could be the other. Neither name is used in the strip. It is known that elephants were fed, but it is not known where.

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