Spiff hides from the Zarches

Zarches are an alien species in the Spaceman Spiff universe. Two zarches are once seen in a Sunday strip, where they fire their Zorchers at the Saucer and force Spiff to crash-land on Planet Plootarg. They are apparently a hostile species, considering the above as well as the presence of a skull-and-crossbones insignia on their ship.

Zarch ship

The Zarch ship.

The Zarches appear as very tall, insect-like, humanoid beasts with a green shell on their thorax, gray limbs and a grayish-blue head. They have 3 long arms. Thorns on the top of their thorax shell run down to a stiff, spiky tail. Their eyes are red and they bear sharp teeth in an elongated, snoutlike jawbone.

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