"Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help. " -Calvin

Calvin's underpants are a running gag in Calvin and Hobbes. Although the rocketship variant is the most prominent, other kinds exist.
Lucky Rocketship Underpants

"Lucky" Rocketship underpants

These are Calvin's favorite pair. He wears them not only as such but also as a good luck charm and confidence booster, in order to get through tough school days. Sometimes, however, they don't help, as one Sunday strip depicts him wearing them, ready to face the day, only for everything to go wrong.

Cartoon character underpants

These were mentioned in a single comic, where Calvin got frustrated for being unable to wear them (they were in the laundry). At the time, he was wearing spotted shorts that could possibly be his lucky rocketship pair.

"It'll build character!"
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