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Today is a group of templates that provide automatically-refreshing content to tell our readers what happened in the Calvin and Hobbes strip on this day in the various years it was published.

Today for February 28

  • 1986: Calvin poses as an adult to get into a movie.
  • 1987: Calvin looks as his school pictures with Hobbes, who doubles over laughing.
  • 1988: Calvin sculpts a car accident with snowmen in the driveway.
  • 1989: Hobbes gets disgusted by Calvin's Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, but is pressed to keep eating them.
  • 1990: Calvin and Hobbes play Scrabble, and Calvin makes up the word "Zqfmgb".
  • 1991: Tracer Bullet realizes he has been set up.
  • 1992: Calvin calls the hardware store for siege weaponry.
  • 1993:
  • 1994: Calvin ponders whether he should go outside.
  • 1995: Calvin writes a demoralizing explanation for why he is unable to fill out his test.

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