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The front cover to Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes

Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes (ISBN 1878849158) is a children's textbook released in 1993, and one of only a handful of official Calvin and Hobbes merchandise.


Despite the name, the cover of the book doesn't actually feature Calvin and Hobbes, but rather five schoolchildren around a teacher's desk. The book was written by Linda Holmen and Mary Santella-Johnson.

The book itself is divided into five sections, each based around a Calvin and Hobbes storyline. The strips are presented, and then followed up by a number of questions such as "In strip 7(d), what is Hobbes insinuating?" and "What do you think the principal meant when he said they had 'quite a file' on Calvin?" to help students analyze the stories.

The book is very hard to find, and copies in new condition price at $10,000[1].

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