This article explains the functions of certain places in Calvin and Hobbes:

Principal Locations

  • Calvin's house - Where most of the activity would take place.
  • Calvin's school- Another place Calvin was frequently seen.
  • Calvin's room - Calvin would most often be seen doing his homework here.
  • Woods - Calvin and Hobbes also stroll or ride in the woodland behind their house. The woods include some hilly, forested terrain which Calvin and Hobbes ride their sled, toboggan or wagon down; many such hills end in a ravine/cliff or other kind of sudden drop-off.
  • Tree fort - The tree fort is the headquarters of G.R.O.S.S. and used by Calvin to devise traps.
  • Calvin's yard - Where Calvin and Hobbes would play most of their games and build snowmen

Less prominent locations

  • Barber shop
  • Doctor's office
  • Grocery store
  • The hill where Calvin and Hobbes go sledding
  • Susie's house - Calvin has come over to Susie's house to both annoy her and, in keeping with his bipolar attitude, play her domestic pretend games (however, he quickly tires of these).
  • Susie's yard - Featured in a G.R.O.S.S. story arc, as well as when Hobbes went missing.
  • Mars
  • Spaceman Spiff planets
  • The Natural History Museum - Seen in the story arc where Calvin, Hobbes, and his family go there.
  • The Airport - Seen in the story arc where Calvin's Uncle Max comes to visit. Calvin and his family are seen picking up Uncle Max at the airport, later on dropping him off at it.
  • The Zoo, where Calvin got lost while following a woman who he thought was his mom.

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