Naggons are an alien species in the Spaceman Spiff universe.

The Naggon chases Spiff.


They appeared only in the comic story Spaceman Spiff: Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire!. Spiff's spacecraft was shot down by a Naggon ship and crash-landed on a distant alien world. Spiff came across a Bat-Webbed Booger Being and tried to shoot it, but the creature was only minorly hurt. In reality, when Calvin wet Susie with the water pistol, she told his mom, which in the Spiff universe was taken that the Booger Being was allied with the Naggon ship that shot him down, and a Naggon materialized on the planet's surface to come to the aid of the Booger Being. Spiff threw a Demise-O-Bomb at the alien, but it was only stunned (not dead as expected) and captured Spiff. In the dungeon, Spiff had set up a trap for the approaching Naggon King.

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