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Welcome to The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki, a database on the comic strip of the same name that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on 27 September, 2005, we are currently working on 437 articles and have 28,032 edits so far.

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I've noticed a trend of not adding edit summaries lately. Without these, it means I or someone else personally has to check every edit. If you could all say what your edits are fixing in future, that would be great. Cult Of Skaro Here.|Communicate here. 14:14, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki

1. Tense Project

Should this wiki use past tense more often? You can voice your opinion! Read more...

2. New Navbar!

A new navbar has come onto the wiki. Listing staff and characters. If you have any questions regarding the navbar, please contact Willk1088.

3. Upcoming Badges

New achievements are on their way! Willk is working to get them in order in addition to the badges created by Cult Of Skaro.

On this day...

February 25:

  • 1986: Calvin has to leave Hobbes in the car.
  • 1987: Hobbes claims Calvin's new hairdo makes him look like Astro Boy.
  • 1988: Calvin's parents let Rosalyn in from the rain.
  • 1989: Calvin makes his skeleton jump out of his skin.
  • 1990: Calvin contemplates the night sky, and Hobbes pounces on him in the dark.
  • 1991: Tracer Bullet eyes a case.
  • 1992: Calvin shovels the walk, and feels under-appreciated.
  • 1993: Calvin goes to his locker to get his Stupendous Man costume.
  • 1994: Calvin bets Hobbes he can knock his father's hat off (he fails).
  • 1995: Calvin obstinately runs through the house.


Today's Strip

Today's Strip

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