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Welcome to The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki, a database on the comic strip of the same name that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on 27 September, 2005, we are currently working on 398 articles and have 23,151 edits so far..

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On this day...

November 21:

  • 1985: Calvin brings Hobbes to school to help him with math problems.
  • 1986: Calvin tells his mom about the mess he made of the school play.
  • 1987: Calvin tries to pounce on Hobbes but is thwarted by his claws and teeth.
  • 1988: Calvin writes for school about how he will grow up, invent a Time Machine, and skip his assignment.
  • 1989: Calvin's mom doesn't believe that Calvin lost his personal gravity.
  • 1990: Calvin and Hobbes tell each other what their mottoes are.
  • 1991: Bill Watterson on sabbatical
  • 1992: Calvin is saddened by his lack of animal traits.
  • 1993: Calvin pretends to be a snowman in an attempt to make it snow.
  • 1994: Bill Watterson on sabbatical.
  • 1995: Calvin tries to call Hobbes, but is thwarted by his mom.


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