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Calvin of the Future is a minor recurring alter ego of Calvin's. He appeared in two Sunday strips as the resident of futuristic versions of his house.

Land Calvin

Calvin of the Future
Calvin of the Future here lived in a stereotypical, Jetsons-like projection of the future, where he was tended to by machines and lunar shuttles were available to office workers. However, Calvin still had to attend school outside of his house, in line with past futurists' inability to predict the development of communications.

Here, Calvin and his family dressed in futuristic, garish clothing. The tone of the strip mirrored the "kitschy" projections of 1960s popular culture.

Space Calvin

Future House 2
Calvin of the Future appeared once more, and seemed to live a much more prestigious life. To get home, he used a secret entrance hidden in a tree to access an underground complex. The vehicle he was riding went down into the earth until it stopped at the bottom. From there, once cleared by robotic personnel, he launched a personal spacecraft out of a hinged mountaintop to reach his orbiting, space-station home.

Despite being surrounded by advanced technology, the alter ego wore Calvin's present-day clothes. The family seemed to share this affinity for simplicity, as Calvin's mother had kept her present-day beige sweater.

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