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Calvin in Melted Form is an alter ego of Calvin's.

Excessive heat

Calvin In Liquid Form 2
The alter ego later reappeared when, on a hot summer day, Calvin melted into a puddle on the sidewalk outside his house. The puddle evaporated into a small cloud, which then rained down a reconstituted, solid (but completely naked) Calvin. According to Calvin's mother, this liquid form had appeared at least twice.

Unlike in its first appearance, the liquid form was here a melted version of a solid Calvin. Even so, it appeared as a clear, runny water puddle instead of a body-colored viscous fluid.


Calvin In Liquid Form 3
Calvin's liquid form made yet another, far briefer appearance after Calvin scratched his painful bug bites. This caused him great (if temporary relief) which was depicted, among other things, as a version of Calvin so relaxed it actually melted.

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