Due to its continuing cultural and commercial success, Calvin and Hobbes has been featured in mainstream media. Some noteworthy examples are listed below.


  • Imagination and Meaning in Calvin and Hobbes – Written by Jamey Heit, published 7/30/2012. It is an artistic critique of thematic material in Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip – Written by Nevin Martell, published 10/5/2009. An account of the author's investigation to locate Bill Watterson.
  • Mad – Parodied as Calvin and Jobs, with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs taking Hobbes' place to satirize Apple's business practices.


  • Family Guy – In season 7's eleventh episode, Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, Calvin and a stuffed Hobbes appeared on screen for a few moments.
  • Mad – The sketch Garfield of Dreams, first aired 26/03/2012, features many comic strip characters, including Calvin and Hobbes. They served as "extras" somewhat, unnamed and with no dialogue.
  • Robot Chicken – One sketch featured Calvin getting Hobbes as a birthday present, and getting medicated by his parents out of concern for his health only to turn psychotic.

Comic strips

  • Foxtrot – One strip lampooned the weight of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection, depicting a house turned on its side from the pull of Calvin and Hobbes books.
  • Rose is Rose – A story arc started on September 10, 1989 features a reclusive cartoonist obsessively answering his fan mail. This may be a reference to Bill Watterson, as he had by that point turned down many requests for interviews and become notorious for the above traits.
  • Zits - Sled

Video games

  • The Sims Online – Calvin's Creek is one of two cities available to play the game in. The name could be a reference to the creek in the Woods behind Calvin's house. 

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