Bats have been featured twice in Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin appeared as a bat alter ego in a single weekday strip and did an oral report on bats in a story arc.

Calvin the Bat

10/27 through 11/4 1989 story arc

Calvin did a report on bats for school in this 1989 story arc. In it, he exposed his dubious knowledge of bats (he firmly believed them to be bugs when they were actually mammals). As he had done no research, he opted for a dramatic, sensationalistic speech highlighting the terrifying aspects of bats. Also, his scientific illustration looked like a copy of the Batman logo with fangs added. Calvin ultimately failed the assignment.

Alter ego

Calvin the Bat
Calvin appeared as a bat alter ego in a single weekday strip where it consumed an insect by echo-locating its position and eating it whole. The alter ego was analogous to Calvin throwing food into his mouth with his eyes closed at a restaurant.

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